Flowers For Food

Today I met with the founder and CEO of the Canadian Flowers For Food Society, Marrett Green.

This society helps provide marginalized people with flowers that are just past their prime. These flowers can be sold by these people and the money that they raise selling these flowers is used by them to pay for necessities such as food and housing. They also have a composting program.
They have success stories (people who were homeless and now have a home, some of whom have even gotten off of welfare) that you can read about on their website.
They are a fully registered charitable organization, that runs on a lot of volunteer activity. They are currently looking for funding to keep their society running.
I am deeply impressed by this group. They work to make sure that those whom they assist are assisted without robbing them of a sense of dignity and self-worth. They do not need special training or ability to be assisted. Each person who is assisted is encouraged to discover their own worth, their own value. They are not told to do anything. They are encouraged to be all that they can.
There are several ways that this society can be supported. They use volunteers in several areas. They sell flowers to offices (if you order for your office you are supporting a marginalized individual). They also have a need for financial funding. If you have experience with fund raising, or have money to donate, do feel free to contact them at the e-mail listed on their website.
Too often, charitable organizations do not allow a person to retain their dignity. They leave the people (that they are supposed to be helping) feeling bad. Those same people already feel ineffectual and disenfranchised. They do not need additional feelings of inadequacy. Finding a Society that empowers the people they are helping is so refreshing!!
Let’s support them, people! I know that I intend to support them in any way that I can!