Homeless Children in Uganda

Because of the previous blogs that I have written, I have been contacted by a young gentleman (Charlse Bukenya) who lives in Kampala, Uganda, while studying at Makerere University.

He is associated with a home for children who come from the slums of Kampala. These children are given a safer place to live than the slum (which are regularly flooded by the rains) and are provided with a basic education. They are also provided with food, though the amount of food available to give to the children is extremely limited (as most of their money goes to pay for the housing needed for the children).

The name for this organization is GREAT VALLEY CHILDREN’S CENTER, and the founder of this organization is Lusagala Bosco. He founded the organization in 2005.

Lusagala has had contact with a school in Manitoba. That school has encouraged their students to make art-work that gets sent to the students at the GREAT VALLEY CHILDREN’S CENTER. There is a link where Lusagala thanks the school in Manitoba for their involvement. That link is http://www.pembinatrails.ca/Video%20Library/BrushOutPoverty_Africa2009.html

My contact has scanned a pamphlet that they use to promote the center in Uganda. In that pamphlet it is stated that the children “… only get monotonous diet made of maize meal and beans.”

The center gets no government funding, and only minimal local funding.

I will try to find out if there is a safe way to donate to this organization, and report back in my next blog.

One thought on “Homeless Children in Uganda

  1. I researched on-line to find any available links for the Center and for the founder of the Center. I have repeated been in contact with the founder and with Charlse Bukenya about the Center, and about the founder’s trip to Canada to meet the children in the school that have been in contact with his center.