I’m Back

I have been unable to do any writing for a while, but I am now able to start again. Due to medical problems, I had to put research and writing on hold.

However, I’m BACK!!!!!

In the next few weeks, I plan to follow up on some of the sites that I have written about previously. I also intend to look at other sites, other groups, and other methods of helping those who need help.

Looking at help from the viewpoint of someone who recently had to depend on others for help … being the recipient of help can leave a person feeling less worthy, less useful, and very depressed. If you offer a person help, and they say no … don’t take it personally! They just may be at a stage where they cannot take help from someone else without loosing all sense of their own self-worth. I know!

I had to ask my friends for help … and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do!

Just imagine if you are constantly having to ask for help and can never give it back! It can leave you feeling helpless, and worthless! The homeless youths in our country today need not only help, but hope! They need to feel that there will be a turn around and that they won’t always need the help of others.

This is why I hope one day to open a store where youths can come to learn crafts and where they can sell ANY crafts that they make (not only those that they learn at the store but ANY crafts).

I am looking for space (it doesn’t have to be very big) where I can meet with interested youths, and where we can safely store our crafts, and craft supplies. I need this space to be in the Greater Vancouver area (in BC, Canada). If any of you know where I can get a space of this nature, please let me know!

I have craft supplies and pattern books that I can use for the crafting space. I just need to find a space!