About Me

For the last 9 years, I have been getting to know and to care for homeless street youths. When I have had a place of my own, I’ve allowed them to sleep on the floor in my home (1 winter as many as 15 young people showed up each night to sleep at my place), and every Christmas eve for the last 8 years I’ve put on a Christmas eve dinner (the 1st year – 40 young people showed up for dinner).

This has made me realize what special people these young men and women are, and how much love I have for them. I wanted a forum where I could talk to like minded people about fund-raising to provide these young people with safe and secure housing (without getting the government involved), and to provide them with decent and nourishing food.

I am open to others contributing their ideas and articles about these topics, as well as providing feed-back for ideas that I put out there. If you know of a good organization that is sensitive to the needs of the homeless, PLEASE let me know!! I will check them out, and if they are what we are looking for, I’ll post their info on my blog for all to see!!