Canadian Tax Whisperer

Overcoming Income Taxaphobia:
A Seminar for Artists, Holistic Practitioners and Entrepreneurs

Featuring Merina Matthew, The Tax Whisperer
“She Rehabilitates Income Taxaphobes and Trains the Self-Employed”

  • sad-mime-taxesDo you suffer from Income Taxaphobia: the “Fear of Filing”?
  • Do you put the “Pro” in Procrastination whenever Tax Season rolls around?
  • Maybe you dread doing your taxes so much that you haven’t filed in YEARS yet know that Revenue Canada will soon be chasing you…


Well, no need to suffer any longer…I can help you overcome your fear of filing!

This seminar will reduce your stress AND what you pay in income taxes.

It is so empowering to see all the simple ways you can legally reduce your taxable income. After this training, you might think twice before throwing out that gas receipt or remember to get one!

Note: I am available for private consultation and income tax preparation throughout the year – not just at tax time.

I specialize in working with self-employed artists, actors, models, dancers, musicians, holistic practitioners and small business owners!

With over 30 years experience preparing income tax returns, I am passionate about making your income filing as low stress as possible!


Here is what we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • Bookkeeping Principles
  • Stress Reduction Tips
  • Categories of Self-Employed Income: What Applies To You?
  • Expenses 101: A Rainbow of Receipts
  • Top 6 Myths
  • Q & A

Workshop Details:

To be announced for 2017 return


To pre-register and pay in advance, please contact Merina at: If you haven’t filed for many years, Merina can help you get sorted out. No need to fear or suffer…