The Geezer Gets Schooled!

I have been accepted as a student at Regent College  (UBC) starting in January 2013. This will require me to get funds together to pay tuition. My 1st semester will cost me $4,500.00 (CND$) and I currently only have $700.00. I have applied for scholarships and bursaries and have been notified that I am getting a bursary of $1,350.00. I am still waiting to hear about the scholarship.

This means that I still need $2,450.00.

Every little bit helps!

Please Help … Send Me to School!


I finished my first semester and got my grades … a B, a B-, and a C.

I am taking a class in July and August and need to raise an additional $1800.00 to pay the tuition for that class. Can anyone help me?